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Meet Marilyn

After more than 21 diets, gestational diabetes, many binges and lots of therapy and coaching sessions, I decided that there must be another way to heal my relationship with food.

I focused on healing my relationship with food 

When I focused on healing my relationship with food, I discovered emotional eating.


Though unfortunately this discipline is not well developed and there isn't a lot of useful and simple information readily available. Especially for the majority of people that don't have a medical eating disorder, but still struggle with food.

I have to admit that my educational and professional backgrounds (Pharmacist/PhD in genetics of diabetes) were of huge help. 

Marilyn Rafih

"If I am struggling despite all this knowledge, what about others?". This is when I decided that sharing my knowledge was my life purpose.


I am a pharmacist and have a PhD in genetics.

I have worked on the complications of diabetes for almost a decade. I have a deep understanding of how the mind and body work and use this knowledge to help people overcome emotional eating. 

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Disclaimer: all opinions are mine and do not reflect opinions of the companies I work/have worked with.

The EEM Method

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Start of your journey to overcome emotional eating. 

1. Start

Heal your relationship with yourself, your past, your close ones through coaching sessions, our podcast, and with our journal.

3. Heal

2. Relearn

Relearn how to eat mindfully & follow your physical hunger with coaching sessions and our podcast

4. Improve

Improve your eating habits and see our blog.

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