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The EEM Method

The Emotional Eating with Marilyn method was created by Marilyn to help and support you no matter what stage you were at in healing your relationship with food.

The EEM Method

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Start of your journey to overcome emotional eating. 

1. Start

Heal your relationship with yourself, your past, your close ones through coaching sessions, our podcast, and with our journal.

3. Heal

2. Relearn

Relearn how to eat mindfully & follow your physical hunger with coaching sessions and our podcast

4. Improve

Improve your eating habits and see our blog.

What can you expect from the EEM method 

The ultimate goal is to get rid of emotional eating. Through that, you will:

  • Understand what and why you get triggered.

  • Understand what emotions you try to numb with food.

  • Understand what matters to you.

  • Develop self-compassion, self-esteem and self-love.

  • Work on bespoke ways to stop your emotional eating behaviour.

  • Improve your relationship with people that matter to you.

Marilyn Rafih

Our coaching programs

Free introductory call

1 session


During this call, Marilyn will listen to your concerns and gain a deeper understanding of your personal struggles with emotional eating. After the call you can decide if this is the right fit and if you want to continue working with Marilyn.

4 sessions 

You do not have to commit to 4 sessions. Feel free to book 1 by 1 and the if you book 3, you will receive a 4th one for free.

In this dedicated session, you will receive personalized guidance, support, and tools to help you overcome emotional eating and create a healthier, more balanced approach to food and your emotions.

8/12 week program

Get in touch to discuss a longer term plan working with Marilyn.

Book your session

  • Free 15 min introductory call with Marilyn.


“My journey on emotional eating with Marilyn has been so enlightening. I became more aware of my eating behaviours and started consciously connecting them to my emotions. Marilyn has a strong ability to understand her clients’ concerns and uses gentle and tailored approach to help us become more aware of the link between emotions and eating behaviours. I feel I am now more in control of what once used to be an unconscious act. I definitely recommend her.”
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