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5 Common Misconceptions and Mistakes of Paracetamol Users

Many of us take paracetamol so often that we tend to forget it is actually a medicine. While it is considered generally safe, it is still important to know how to take it properly.

1. Paracetamol Will NOT Treat or Prevent an Infection

It has 2 pharmacological properties: reducing pain and fever.Therefore you will not avoid a cold if you take paracetamol as soon as you are in contact with someone who is ill.

2. You Can Easily Exceed the Maximum Daily Dose

Paracetamol is found in many preparations such as cold medicines or painkillers for joints. Always check the label and look for "paracetamol" or "acetaminophen" (a synonym used in certain countries such as the U.S).

The maximum daily dose for adults is 4g/day (divided in 4-6 times).

Below are some examples of products that contain paracetamol (with or without other products):






Sudafed (certain preparations)


3. Branding Can Trick You

For example, Panadol Extra does not contain added paracetamol. It simply had added caffeine (e.g. helps when you have headaches).

The only difference between Panadol and Panadol Joint is the amount of paracetamol per pill (500mg vs 665mg)

4. Avoid Drinking Large Quantities of Alcohol if You Are Taking Paracetamol (the combination can affect the liver)

5.Paracetamol Will NOT Help You Go to Sleep

Many of us think it is a good to take "2 Panadols before going to bed". Again the only properties of paracatemol is to reduce pain and fever. So unless, you constantly wake up because of these symptoms, paracetamol will not help.




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